The Conversation that started it all!!

Sabs: Mikkyy, suggest some gifts for my brother

Miks: What's the occasion?

Sabs: He's getting married in less than 30 days

Miks: Oh wow!!! Mabrookkkkk!! I'm sure the gift is for your sister in law, right? Or is it for your brother? Or is it for the wedding party?

Sabs: Oh, I didn't even think about the wedding party... for now him. BUT please help me for the rest.

Miks: You know people charge for these kinda services, yeah?

Sabs: Dude, I'd totally pay for these services.

Miks: I don't have a Nespresso... hint hint!! But seriously, I wish there was a gifting service.

So, here we are...


We are your homegrown gifting think tanks - Miks & Sabs! We love a good challenge and excel at building personalized gifts for individuals and corporations.

Our approach is like Karak chai, blending: 

  • carefully curated suppliers who provide products that are unique
  • with the information provided by you 
  • and our wizardry  

to create a customized experience for your giftee. 

Whatever your budget and your style.




Ideal for busy execs who just need more hours in the day. Let us do your gifting strategy and design. Book us before your budget meetings to plan your gifting for the year.



Need to make an impression? Let us tell your story powerfully through carefully curated gifts.



We'll put in the thought process, you take ALL the credit. Whatever the reason, occasion or budget; we will find the right gifts.



Birthdays, weddings, bar mitzvahs, etc... goody bags, swag bags, favours, giveaways, gift baskets, customized gifts... we do it ALL for any event or occasion.


"We contracted To The Bazaar since we wanted someone to curate gifts for our employees, clients and suppliers without having to go through the hassle of finding products, suppliers and the right prices. In our initial consult, they understood our company’s ethos and shared a few ideas with us. This is when we knew this was the kind of partnership we were always striving for. A month before, we would receive package options with pricing and occasions. All we had to do was provide them with a list of people who would be receiving the gifts. We got so many thank you emails and return gifts from the receivers that affirmed that the message we wanted to convey was well received and appreciated. Thank you so much for helping us have such an amazing growth environment! We have had so many referrals since then.

Disha Dhanjani

Light Blue


First, we listen.

We’ll start with an honest chat with you to understand the 'giftee' and, the experience you are trying to create. This is where we'll highlight THE message.

Then, we connect the dots.

During our internal think tank sessions, we create a mood board and identify unique products and services. We then find opportunities of personalization to build the right story for YOU.

Finally, we wave our wands.

We ensure that no detail gets overlooked and deliver a complete GIFT*.

*Rest is our secret sauce... sign up to see ;)


Miks & Sabs - your gifting wizards

We decided to start this gifting consultancy to address our own pain point. We LOVEEEE giving gifts that blend:

  • discovery of new brands or designers
  • sustainability
  • lovely packaging
  • matching the giftee's personality
  • and something that'll make us smile too.

We also put in a lot of thought into the words that go with each gift.

BUT who are we?

Miks comes from an entrepreneurial background, successfully running two businesses in the UAE market. She owns Sheeba Online and Style Uniform and is THE person to go to for sourcing products. Seriously, she knows every supplier/brand/designer/cafe owner (just ask!).

Sabs is an entrepreneur and provides creative solutions to any problem (try her!). A considerable part of her life revolves around community building and creating the right connections for the greater good. Her main hustle is Jubliee Store and Spectrum watches. Whilst her side hustle is being a yoga coach (Kokorology).

Together, we pooled our resources and thought process to create To The Bazaar. Where we go to the bazaar to create strategic partnerships and beautiful gifts for YOU.


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